What is LycaX ?

The vision of LycaX is to establish the best decentralized database for both individuals and corporations with the strongest security and higher transmission effciency. It is a database built on a blockchain and it will take advantage of it with high effciency, safety, and decentralization. It will issue a native protocol token called LycaX Token (LYC), which can transform into storage space. Users can earn LycaX through mining, and trading their property of information stored on LycaX, such as photos, analysis reports, etc.


It will develop a comprehensive application of

  • DeFi Wallet to store the LycaX Token (LYC) and other cryptocurrencies;
  • NFT Marketplace where people can trade their digital assets with LycaX Token and other cryptocurrencies;
  • Cloud Mining with diversified approaches;
  • Decentralized Socialzing and Communicating Channel;
  • Education;
  • Charity; and
  • Auto-system to distribute fixed/random number of LycaX tokens in user’s wallet based on their activities.

The transmission effciency of LycaX will be supported by satellites.

Why you need LycaX ?

Decentralised digital space with virtual satellite and a unique meta-universe to manage your digital asset.


Store your digital asset on a decentralised platform to diminish the risk of criminal hacking and avoid any physical damage of disks or servers.
Dynamic Metaverse

Dynamic Metaverse

Decentralised and customised platform where you can store your digital information, have your own digital wallet and build up your own NFT marketplace with huge number of users worldwide.


A privacy-focused and user-focused platform with decentralized structure where all information from users protected by peer-to-peer network.
Transmission Efficiency

Transmission Efficiency

Support high transmission efficiency by using the satellite and work much faster than the internet without any stuck or delay.

LycaX Ecosystem

Blockchain Satellite<br />
Storage System

Blockchain Satellite
Storage System

NFT<br />


Decentralized<br />


DeFi<br />


Earning<br />
& Rewarding

& Rewarding

Education<br />
& Charity

& Charity


Stage 1

  • Launch LycaX Project.
    • Prepare for LycaX Ecosystem.
    • Launch LycaX official website.
    • Create LycaX Token(LYC).
  • Build up LycaX Community.

Stage 2

  • Launch LycaX Decentralized wallet: The wallet function supports multi-blockchain operation and data tokenization (NFT).
  • Launch LycaX BSSS.
  • Expand LycaX Community.

Stage 3

  • Internal implementation of NFT decentralized transactions in LycaX DeFi Marketplace.
    • Enables peer-to-peer transactions.
    • Any form of data can be uploaded to enable transactions on the blockchain network.
  • List LycaX Token(LYC) on Decentralized Exchanges.
  • Launch the Mining Mechanism.
  • Prepare for LycaX Blockchain&Crypto Education.

Stage 4

  • Launch LycaX NFT Marketplace.
  • Set up LycaX Yield Earning Mechanism.
  • Launch LycaX Social Network Application.

Stage 5

  • List LycaX Token(LYC) on Centralized Exchange.
  • Launch LycaX Application with Ecosystem all together: The Wallet, BSSS, NFT Marketplace, Social Network and News & Education are 5 main features of the App launch.

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